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Diptych of Algiers
Curated by Toufik Douib

Diptych of Algiers is a photography and video exhibition that explores the female representation in Algerian society. While reflecting on key references from the capital city Algiers and through the lenses of three visual acts (19th century, periods of revolution and the 1990s onwards), this project tackles some historical chapters about the role of women in the country’s past and present revolutions. As a new generation of Algerians expresses more and more the necessity to deconstruct and rewrite narratives of gender in politics and culture, this ‘diptych’ exhibition pays tribute to both the inspiring women and the complex city, which shaped their bold and revolutionary take on history.

Curator Biography: Toufik Douib is an independent curator and event director. His multidisciplinary practice focuses on the question of Algerian-Maghrebi identities through eclectic contemporary lenses, collaborating with diaspora artists and across the ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ creative scene. After completing a Masters in Cultural Events Management, Toufik curated in 2015 his first exhibition ‘Algerianism’. This followed three distinct collaborations with the P21 Gallery (2017-2018): solo exhibition ‘Dhikr Pictural’, a series of short movie screenings ‘{Un}Told Stories’ and the critically acclaimed visual group show ‘Pop Art from North Africa’, which has since been presented in Spain. Toufik was also commissioned on two occasions by Shubbak Festival, UK’s largest festival dedicated to MENA culture, through ‘Belonging Sideways’ – a multimedia exhibition on the theme of territory and identity and, last year, with ‘Soundclash’ gender-binding experience of politically charged sound and visuals.

The exhibition consists of the following work of two Algerian artists (click on the title to view each exhibition):


The Women of Algiers in their New Apartments

(a photo-series by Lydia Saidi)



(Sound & Video Experience by Souad Douibi)


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