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Evènements 2018

11th December 2018. Flamenco and the Rediscovery of Islamic Spain. A guest lecture to be delivered by Prof. Charles Hirschkind (University of California, Berkley) at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge (room tbc). 


28-29 November 2018. Le malhun dans la version de son affluent hébraïque, colloquium at l’Académie du Royaume du Maroc (Rabat). Vanessa Paloma Elbáz will present a paper entitled: 'L'humour judéo-arabe pendant le mois sacré: rencontres autour du malhoun avec Jo Afriat et le publique Casablancais Ramadan 2018'


15-18 November 2018. Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Matthew presented a paper entitled 'Ziryab and Us: The (A)Political Currency of an Arab Andalusian Musical Myth'

12-16 November 2018. CCME "Judaïsme marocain: pour une marocanité en partage"​, Séance V: "Juifs marocains: force de proposition - force de mobilisation", National Library of Israel, Vanessa spoke on the possible project of KHOYA/U. Cambridge/ERC/Nat. Library of Israel plus Moroccan partners

8 November 2018. Woolf Institute 20th Anniversary Research Day. Matthew presented a 'lightning' talk to an audience of academics and the general public



13-14 July 2018. Performing and Staging Cultural Difference: Artistic Representations of 21st-Century Migration and Mobility Workshop at the Universität Konstanz: Matthew was involved in the organisation  and presentation of this workshop in which participants shared work related to music and the representation of immigrant communities.


6 July 2018. El porqué del flamenco. Poderío, singularidad, universalidad workshop at Universidad Pablo de Olavide en Carmona, Sevilla: Matthew will deliver a presentation exploring the attraction 
and popularity of flamenco from an ethnomusicological perspective. The presentation will touch on the intercultural potential of flamenco, drawing attention to new research conducted

as part of the ERC project 

23 April 2018. Encounter Culture Workshop at the Woolf Institute (University of Cambridge):

Matthew presented a paper introducing the ERC project, alongside other music projects based at, or affiliated with, the Woolf Institute 


12-15 April 2018. British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference (Newcastle University):

Matthew presented a paper introducing the new project