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(Sound & Video Experience by Souad Douibi)

M9awda (insane) is a short documentary based on a sound experience that takes place in Algiers. Performer Souad Douibi plays the doctor character and leads us through the streets of a sick metropolis that she gives a medical check-up, as she collects impressions and testimonies from a tormented population regarding their relationship between one another and with their environment. The documentary aims to question the correlation between fiction and reality through art and street expression.

Artist Biography: Souad Douibi is an art therapist, performer, screenwriter and videographer. Graduate in art plastic from the higher school of Fine Arts of Algiers (2018), she was also involved in the staging, scriptwriting and direction of cinematic – namely the artistic shorts and documentaries Cache-Cache, Breathlessness and The World According to Women. Souad is known for her Street Art performance such as the Hayek Intervention or Imraa where she constantly features the streets of Algeria to challenge society and the place of women and art within an engaged cultural landscape.

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