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Exhibitions and Films as Part of the 'Creative & Artistic Encounters in the Western Mediterranean' Conference

As part of our interdisciplinary conference 'Creative & Artistic Encounters in the Western Mediterranean' hosted by the team at the University of Aberdeen, we have brought together a series of exhibitions and films. For those who are unable to attend the conference in person, we have made these materials available as part of our website. Click on the titles of the exhibitions below and you will be directed to separate pages where you can view the materials. We hope you enjoy!


EXHIBITION 1: 'Diptych of Algiers'

(Curated by Toufik Douib)















EXHIBITION 2: Ya Lalla: A Sonic & Visual Spotlight on Women's Resistance and their Celebration of Transmission 
(Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, University of Cambridge)


















EXHIBITION 3: Hearing and Seeing Music in Early 20th Century Colonial Algeria
(Stephen Wilford, University of Cambridge)












(A Film by Antonio Baldassare)










The film, produced in 2021, lasts 88 minutes and documents the ritual activities of a community of Moroccan popular Sufism, during the annual celebrations for the anniversary of the prophet Mohammed’s birth. Following what modern linguistics defines as an ‘emic perspective’, the protagonists of the film speak to us directly, showing, within their daily behaviour, the religious practices they live as well as their beliefs. The eye of a small camera, minimising the intrusion into the intimacy of the community, guides the spectators through prayers, songs and dances, which constitute a privileged means to achieve high states of consciousness and the presence of the ineffable.

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